How can I draw the golf ball?

Drawing the golf ball. Golf professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman analyze a golf swing, and demonstrate the technique they recommend for hitting a draw. They use a tool (looks simple to construct) to practice a swing plane correction, which looks like a great exercise – but certainly needs to be practiced to build the consistent inside out swing.   read more

Jordan Spieth Gets Advice from Tom Brady

Jordan Spieth met with Tom Brady last year and talked about the mental aspect of winning as a professional – and his desire to win every major he plays in, not just looking over an entire career with the goal of winning one. Obviously, he’s already in the majors’ winning circle in 2015 at just 21 years of age. On a roll, who knows how great he can be….. read more

2014 U.S. Open Pinehurst No. 2 Reviews

The 2014 U.S. Open is being contested this week at historic Pinehurst No. 2. The Donald Ross designed course will play long, with 4 par 4s over 500 yards. Minimal rough but plenty of waste areas with uncertain lies, firm greens – should be another great one!   Here’s a review by Hall of Fame and two-time U.S. Open Champion Curtis Strange, who loves the course:       2010 U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell gives his opinion of Pinehurst No. 2. It is very difficult, very different setup than 2005 – a mixture of looks and feel, an amazing restoration, a great test of golf. “One of America’s iconic golf courses”:       PGA Champion Jason “The Duff” says he likes the look and feel of Pinehurst No. 2, and read more

Focus On The Desired Outcome For Golf Success

Robin Sieger is a Mental Conditioning Coach for Golfers. He is the author of “Silent Mind Golf”, and covers the importance of focus on the desired outcome, or target. Your brain needs a target – “Where do I want the ball to go?” Don’t focus on the hazards, focus on the outcome you want……..     read more

The Key to Putting Success: A Tight Stroke

PGA Teaching Pro Mike Shannon demonstrates the putting stroke used by great putters on tour. The key to their accuracy on the greens: a tight stroke. There are two components to keeping your putting stroke “tight” – a short back swing, and minimal putter face rotation. Watch the video and learn about the importance of having a “connected position” that helps create a tight swing.   read more

To Hit Long Drives – Follow This Formula

PGA Teaching Pro Mike Malaska, Director of Instruction for the Nicklaus Academies, gives the best “formula” for distance in this video. Basically, the more strength you have in your legs, hands and arms, and body, the more speed and distance you will get. There is also a relationship between the club and your arms that you need – all good players who strike the ball well have this. Watch this video and see if this tip helps you hit it longer.   read more

Tips For Curing a Slice

PGA Professional Greg Anderson of the Greg Anderson Golf Academy gives a great lesson to straighten out a slice. Greg mentions that 90% of amateur golfers hit a slice – which is the most common swing problem. In helping correct a slice, Greg looks at the swing path and the clubface position at impact in relation to the swing path. Usually, the swing that produces a slice comes from the outside in, creating an open club face. The problem with a slice is that the harder the player swings, the more negative (slice) spin is produced, creating a shorter shot dramatically left or right of center depending on a left-handed or right-handed swing. Watch the video for Greg’s excellent advice:   read more

Playing From An Uphill Lie

After executing a perfect tee shot, how frustrating is it to play your approach shot from an uphill lie in the middle of the fairway? This is a situation experienced on just about any hilly course, and for amateurs, requires shot making expertise to knock it tight. PGA Professional Paul McLoughlin guides you through the few main points to remember in this short instructional video: read more

Downhill Chip Shot Tip

One dilemma for golfers is missing the green with our approach shots, leaving ourselves with a short downhill chip from the rough. PGA golf professional Craig Stadler calls this situation “every amateur golfer’s nightmare”. Can you relate? I can – the tendency is to avoid loft and just attempt a short low chip, often resulting in a “fat” shot that ends up short, or drilling it too long. In this video, The “Walrus” demonstrates using a 56 or 60 degree sand wedge, position the ball just inside the toe of our front foot, then hit a lofted shot so the ball lands softly to reduce the roll. Check it out – this tip could save you a couple of strokes. read more

Golf Practice Tip

Most of us amateur golfers have extremely busy schedules, and it’s difficult to make time for practice. Even if you can’t make it to the range, you can work on some areas of your golf game at home in short sessions to hopefully maintain some consistency between rounds. PGA teaching professional Sandy LaBauve provides ways to practice at home when time is short. She reviews practicing several of the basics: grip, posture, swing, and turn. read more

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